Monday, May 11, 2009

Hollyhocks and sunflowers?

What is the average hieght of these flowers? I've ofcourse seen pictures, but I haven't actually seen them growing. There's an interesting technique often used for these plants that I'm interested in using for some mountain flowers. I need to make sure that the flowers I intend to shoot are about the hieght of hollyhocks or sunflowers.

Hollyhocks and sunflowers?
Hollyhocks and sunflowers vary in height depending on the conditions in which they are cultivated, including the overall summer they are experiencing, the soil, the fertilization, and the quality of the seed used and the hybrid.

Well-grown Hollyhocks are not unusual at 7 and 8 feet. I have seen sunflowers way over 8 feet. However, 5 to 6 feet is a perfectly respectable height.

I am unsure about what kind of mountain flower you will be capable of using that will be the height of these previously mentioned flowers. Mountain flowers, by virtue of their native location, tend to keep low to the ground, due to the harsh winds and extreme cold of their winters, which inspires them to crawl and sprawl in sheer self-preservation from the heavy blankets of snowfall. (Though there are some notable exceptions. )
Reply:There are different varieties of both, but generally speaking, both sunflowers and hollyhocks are about 5 or 6 feet tall at maturity. Most wildflowers that I see aren't as tall as the cultivated flowers.
Reply:when a guy visited my school two years ago to talk about sunflowers grow up to 6-7 feet...

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