Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you prune hollyhocks and if so when? What about a Poppy plant?

Two years ago I planted hollyhocks. In the fall of last year, I cut down the stalk and this year the stalk has grown and we've had beautiful flowers. Should I do the same?

Re: the Poppies. I only get one Poppy per year. Do these plants multiply? Does it have to be pruned?

Do you prune hollyhocks and if so when? What about a Poppy plant?
Hollyhocks are biennials. They are not a bulb. To insure that your hollyhocks keep coming back, you must let them go to seed each year. Once they've shed seed you can cut them back, as their life is over.

Poppies are perennials. The clump gets bigger every year and after, say, 5 years it should be lifted and divided. There are 2 arguments about pruning. You can cut the dead foliage to the ground in the fall or spring...some prefer spring because the old dried stems help to hold a snow cover, which is good insulation for the roots.
Reply:You can cut off the stalk after it has died in fall. Most bulbs need to go through a cycle and be allowed to die back completely in order to feed the bulb. Hollyhocks will grow back stronger each year.
Reply:You've done well to cut the hollyhocks in the Fall. Even if you don't they will re appear and can be invasive , but their beauty makes up for it .

Re Poppies ....cut back the spent and by now dried stem(s) all the way down to within 3 inches above ground .... YES they will multiply if you do this pruning .

Good Luck !! my poppies have been gorgeous this year !!!

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